Why Dubai ?


One of the important things that distinguish real estate investment in Dubai is that it is exempt from taxes, so individuals and companies flock to secure their money and seek safe profit in Dubai.


The stability and security of Dubai is one of its most important characteristics that attract real estate investors, their personal safety and their money through the forces of strict security systems, and the stable political environment is an important factor in increasing the protection of investors’ rights.


The increase in the influx of tourists and residents in Dubai makes it a profitable environment in the field of renting real estate, whether for apartments, shops, or even residential villas. Rents in Dubai are a profitable factor for investors looking for high and stable profits, as the rental rate ranges between 6% to 8% of the property price.


Real estate prices in Dubai are considered competitive compared to major international capitals and cities such as London, New York and Hong Kong, taking into account the luxury properties Dubai provides and its important geographical position. The investor can choose several types of real estate such as luxury apartments, one-room or two-room apartments or studios, according to the investor’s goal or economic ability.


The continuous increase in prices in the city of Dubai provides investment opportunities for large profits, and this matter has been noticeable for years, as the investment return rate is approximately 7%, which is a competitive profit rate for many major international cities, and with the continuous increase of expatriates to Dubai, the marketing value of real estate is increasing, and the Dubai government offers many distinctive facilities and programs such as golden residence and long-term residence for real estate investors.


Real estate investment in Dubai is famous for the presence of international developers with distinguished experience in this field in terms of luxurious construction, innovative designs, high quality and continuous maintenance, which makes the demand for real estate in Dubai great.

‏  Among the most important real estate developers in Dubai are Emaar, Damac, Dubai Holding, Nakheel, and others. Also, real estate marketers in Dubai and abroad understand all nationalities, in order to facilitate communication with developers in various languages of the world.